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Already from the start in the ‘70’s, KAWE has always offered customized solutions for enthusiasts of auto sport. From classic Ferrari’s to Paris-Dakar trucks, our team of friction experts is always glad to assist with any kind of required solution.

Today, more and more customers know to find us for high performance vehicles. This includes competitions like Racing, Auto cross, Drag Race, Sprint, Rally or Tractor pulling. But, also for vehicles that require extra heavy duty friction solutions for their daily work, KAWE designs high performance solutions. And of course we can’t forget to mention our expertise on classic vehicles clutch and brakes from sports cars to tractors.

KAWE Runaway Deer

The KAWE Runaway Deer team is one of the oldest and most successful tractor pulling teams of Holland. Among their many prizes is the cup for 2nd place in the European championship.

Tractorpulling is known as “the most powerful motorsport in the world”.

Within this sport, the Prostock division is the heaviest class in the category diesel engines. Among the requirements, is that the exterior of the tractor should be similar to the original agricultural tractor.

However, under the familiar looking exterior, many innovations and improvements have taken place. The top teams are able to push the power of their machines to 10 x that of the original machine. Our team uses an extensively modified John Deere 7920, that supplies more than 2.000 HP of diesel power to it’s giant wheels.

Please visit the KAWE Runaway Deer site for all info about this great prostock team.

The KAWE team hopes to welcome you at any of our national or international tractor pulling events.


2x 25th anniversary at KAWE Holland this week

2x 25th anniversary at KAWE Holland this week!

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