High performance brake parts

Brake parts made to measure

KAWE offers unique expertise and equipment for the customisation of perforated sports brake discs. Our team will also be happy to advise you on matching high performance brake pads.

Unique range of perforated sport brake discs

Drilled to measure in-house at KAWE based on Brembo, Zimmermann or Remsa.
+1,700 references of non-drilled discs in stock as a basis.
Special bore for left and right side,
both ventilated and solid discs!
A solution is available for every car,
fast service within 1 to 5 working days.

For better performance and appearance

The holes in the brake disc improve the performance of the braking system by:
Increased coefficient of friction, Improved brake dust and hot gases removal (major cause of “fading” problems), Prevention of water film during rainfall and of course a much sportier look!

High performance clutches

KAWE has been providing customised solutions for motorsport enthusiasts since the 1970s. Whether it’s a classic Ferrari, a modified Volkswagen for autocross or a Paris-Dakar truck, our team of friction experts can assist you with any required solution.

More than 50 years of experience in high performance friction

The KAWE high performance & specialty team has over 50 years of knowledge and experience. Combined with advanced testing machines and a huge range of friction components, our team can produce customised pressure groups and friction plates for:

Autocross, Car race, Rally, Drag Race, Sprint, Tractor pulling and Classics and old timers.

And all other vehicles that require a weighted high performance clutch.

Istanbul Automechanika

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Classic clutch

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2x 25th anniversary at KAWE Holland this week

2x 25th anniversary at KAWE Holland this week!

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