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KAWE is the only independent after market manufacturer in Europe, with in-house truck clutch production. With more than 50 years of experience as a producer, we offer our customers only friction parts of OE quality level. Our heavy duty customers rated us with an average score of 9,41 (out of 10) on ‘Quality’.

In addition, we offer the largest possible range. The KAWE clutch range for truck and bus consists of more than 1.500 references. It covers practically all models of the big 7 European truck brands from the 1970’s up to the current generation. Including the related bus applications. Finally, we offer our customers also a complete range for light commercial vehicles (see cars and LCVs section).

And to even further complete our offer to our customers, we supply custom made solutions ranging from classic vehicles to Paris-Dakar trucks.

Also for requirements for brake parts for trucks, trailers and busses, we can be of service to our customers. We offer a growing range of KAWE brake pads with the very highest price/quality ratio in the market.

What’s more, our delivery rate (number of backorders) is highly valued by our heavy duty customers. They rate our performance with a 9,18 score. This is the result of our high investments in stock and in our exceptional production planning.

But what our customers value above all, is our highly experienced staff: which is rated by our customers with a 9,45 score. When contacting our team, you will be in direct contact with a sales staff member with minimum 20 years of experience in the field of friction technology. Our sales team in turn are supported by our team of production specialists, some of whom have more than 40 years of experience at KAWE.

Istanbul Automechanika

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Visit KAWE during Automechanika Frankfurt 2022

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Classic clutch

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2x 25th anniversary at KAWE Holland this week

2x 25th anniversary at KAWE Holland this week!

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