Production process – Agri / Industry

Our heavy duty clutches are developed, produced, tested and controlled in-house. While respecting the highest European quality standards. Our procedures are ISO 9001 certified by TüV Nederland.

In our extensive KBS system, all (potential) quality issues are logged, analyzed and solved.

The production process is focused on production of new clutch parts, driving quality and efficiency with a high degree of flexibility for our customers.

By investing heavily in our inventory, KAWE can supply most orders direct from stock. And in case the required parts are not on stock. Our production team can produce them efficiently and fast for our customers. This service is possible thanks to our uniquely flexible production process.

Within our production team we have a special High Performance department. Which enables us to offer custom tailored solutions for example for classic tractors, special vehicles, or cranes. But also vehicles that need reinforced friction solutions for intensive heavy duty applications, like in the tractor pulling competition.

Istanbul Automechanika

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Visit KAWE during Automechanika Frankfurt 2022

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Classic clutch

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2x 25th anniversary at KAWE Holland this week

2x 25th anniversary at KAWE Holland this week!

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