About KAWE

KAWE is a family owned company specialized in the development, production and distribution of clutch and brake parts. The KAWE brand has established a worldwide reputation since 1970, and with our products and service we help our customers to differentiate themselves in their markets.

Our customers rated us last year with an 8.9 (out of 10) total average score for customer satisfaction.


Our customers foremost value our drive for quality. This is reflected in our warranty statistics, that show a consistent <0.30% score for the last years. Which is around OE level.

Largest Range

We offer our global customer base the largest possible range. With over 5.000 clutch references available, we are setting a world record!

Customer focused service

What our customers value most, is the support from our team of friction specialists. Some of whom have dedicated more than 40 years of service at KAWE with lots of passion and commitment. They gladly assist our customers even with most complex matters, like diagnosis of clutch malfunctions or requests for custom made solutions.

Our activities can be divided into 3 market segments:

Istanbul Automechanika

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Visit KAWE during Automechanika Frankfurt 2022

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Classic clutch

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2x 25th anniversary at KAWE Holland this week

2x 25th anniversary at KAWE Holland this week!

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