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KAWE offers the largest range of friction products for agriculture and industry in Europe.
With our range of more than 2.000 agriculture clutch parts (including Clutch covers/ pressure plates, clutch disks, bearings and flywheels) we offer solutions for more than 80 different tractor brands. Practically all tractor brands from A(gria) tot Z(etor) are covered. We are uniquely positioned as a manufacturer to supply our customers of clutch and brake parts of virtually all models from classics to today’s generation.

We adhere to the highest European quality standards with regard to the development and production process. 
While our in-house manufacturing, efficient production system and focus on the after market enable us to be both highly flexible and highly competitive.

Increasing investments in our stocks enable KAWE to deliver almost any type of clutch part from stock. And in case the required parts are not available from stock, our production team can schedule them into their production planning virtually immediately.

The specialist members of our sales team each poses between 12 and 40 years of experience in friction and brake technology and are able to supply our domestic and international customers with tailor made advise.

The heavy-duty clutch products of KAWE are distributed via our selected distributors and dealers in 50 countries in the world, from Russia to Spain and from Germany to Australia.